Why Adopt

Pets by the thousands are being left homeless for a wide variety of reasons. We do not judge how these souls came into our arms. Our commitment is to find them loving and lasting forever homes using responsible and safe rescue means possible. 

We provide an educational and friendly environment that will change their future one animal, family and generation at a time.

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Our Process

All our animals are to be met in person with interstate adoptions as an exception. 

We arrange a meet and greet with your family and any other person you may have. 

An adoption application will need to be completed and a yard check to make sure your yard is secure, fully fenced, shade and shelter suitable for your new fur baby.

Our Fees

We cover initial veterinary costs, which may be high for an animal in poor health. We also pay for the animals’ food, transportation and other expenses while in care.

Below, take a look at what these adoption fees include:

**Veterinary wellness exam**
As any pet parent knows, trips to the vet aren’t cheap, but when you adopt a cat, dog or other animal, your pet has already been checked out by a veterinarian.

Dogs will receive vaccinations for distemper, parvo and kennel cough, while cats get rabies and feline leukemia shots.

**Treatments and preventives**
When you adopt, your new pet has been treated for fleas, ticks and even heartworms which can be extremely pricey to treat.

**Spaying and neutering**
Having a pet fixed can often run you a couple hundred dollars, but this procedure is in the adoption fee. In addition to the spaying or neutering, animals are provided with pain medication and checkups to ensure they’re healing properly.

It is Illegal to adopt out any animal without first having it microchipped. So this also is included in the price.

Adoption fees cover part of the expense of feeding your pet while he or she was in foster, which may include a special diet for animals with food allergies or digestive issues.

*Other medical care
*X-rays and other treatments
*Transportation costs if your pet was transferred from another shelter or region
*Bedding, toys, treats and other extras that improve an animal’s quality of life whilst in care.

Also, keep in mind that while your newly adopted pet may have had a clean bill of health, rescues must offset the cost of more expensive cases, such as animals that have been badly injured or have heart worms or parvo.

Your Contribution


Most importantly, the adoption fees you pay enable the rescue to continue to operate. We are a nonprofit that doesn’t receive state or federal funding, and we depend on donations and adoption fees.

By providing an animal with a forever home, you’re making space for another animal in need, and paying that adoption fee helps the rescue care for other homeless pets.

Adoption fee can be found on the photo in the description of the animal.